Marketing & PR Events

We are in for the long haul with our brand partners. We deeply appreciate generations of hard work our brand partners put in building their business and reputation. We treat their brands as our own and put our hearts into promoting them in China. One at a time, our sales associates are winning the hearts of Chinese consumers, not only with the fantastic cheeses, but also with their passion to the brands we love. We participate in all major expo and trade shows. Throughout the year we hold numerous PR, tasting events and roadshows in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and many other major cities.

FHC Shanghai: Food & Hospitality China Show, Nov. 13~15, 2020

2018 Sial Shanghai show

U.S. Ambassador Branstad visits our show booth in Beijing

Secretary of Agriculture Perdue visited our showcase

Shanghai Bakery Show

Shanghai Wine & Dine Festival

Shanghai Costco Grand Opening

Beijing Burger Festival

Media KOL Event in Beijing