About US

Orange Cheese Company is a dedicated business partner with extensive experience in promoting U.S. cheese brands in China. With a comprehensive portfolio of high quality cheeses, a broad retail network and presence in all major mainland China cities, we create an attractive offering for our retail customers and our brand partners. On food service side, we assist our clients with everything from generating ideas for new menu concepts to cheese applications and market launches – always with a focus on responsible innovation, reliable execution and rapid growth.

Our teams on both sides of the Pacific ocean are experienced, high-trained and dedicated food industry professionals. We are cheese lovers who are committed to bring the best cheeses from America to China; and promote western cuisine and food cultures across entire country. Our dedicated logistic partners from USA to China guarantee a seamless supply chain flow. We believe in “Farm to Table” Freshness. We have an extensive cold-chain distribution network covering entire China, which enable us to efficiently distribute to all major cities and beyond in chilled or frozen freight.


Market insight provider: We are at the forefront of the China market, which gives us a unique perspective and competitive edge on customer preference, selection and pricing range.

Innovation provider: We develop new ideas and approaches to penetrate retail market as well as recipes & food concepts for food service channels according to market trends and consumer needs, which in turn fuels our rapidly growing sales.

Sourcing provider: We select the best suppliers within each category, develop long term relationship and continuously optimize cooperation to the benefit of end customers.

Logistics provider: We are one of the nimblest companies with laser focus on China market. With strategically located warehouses and cost-effective distributions, we seamlessly deliver to leading retail chains and food service operators all over China.

Solution provider: We offer customers not only cheese as a commodity but also well thought-out solutions & concepts that lift the cheese above its category, which ensure long lasting competitive advantages.

Key Account Service provider: We collaborate closely with our KA clients and provide flexible solutions with the fastest time to cope with market needs. We strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers when it comes to cheeses.

Total Value provider: To our customers we are a one-stop shop of cheeses & product solutions with quick access to best-in-class suppliers. To our suppliers we represent a fast and reliable way into China market and all its sales channels.